Pepsi Cups

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16/220z Pepsi Cup Lids

This pepsi cup lid fits onto 16Oz cups and also 22Oz cups having a flexibility but great strength. Pepsi is a very popular soft drink in the UK. The brand is printed onto a disposable cup which, can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Coke is a colourful brand, meaning the print will have the product colour and eye catching.

This is the lid product manufactured for disposable cups, such as the disposable coke cup. This enables your drinking experience a safer experience. Simply place the lid on top of the cup, applying gentle pressure around the trim of the lid for this to clip onto the cup lip. Having a lid will prevent solids, dirt, dust and other liquids from falling into your drink. These are great to have for outdoors.

  • Presentable product
  • Easy to fit product
  • Lightweight and cost efficient
  • 2,000 x 16/22Oz Lids

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